Security is paramount when it comes to energy, water, telecoms, waste disposal and recycling services. These sectors are key in shaping an economy. It is not possible for an infrastructure to exist without these facilities in place. Therefore the security protecting them is crucial. Terrorism, vandalism, theft, sabotage can all be considered threats to any infrastructure.

MICO understands these requirements and designs products specifically for these sectors taking into account the site, weather conditions and simple operation for daily use.

The MICO Abryll high security single point locking systems are manufactured from stainless steel as standard and are currently the UK’s highest rated locking system. These locks are ideal for applications such as chlorine stores, water cabinets and in remote locations where the doors are only operated periodically and therefore a reliable and robust locking solution is paramount.  All our locking systems are designed to meet the requirements of our customers in the most demanding of applications and environments.

On remote sites we understand that padlocks can be a preferred choice but can conflict with safety while trying to maintain security, until we developed a new range of high security panic escape padlockable devices. The unique design function of a MICO Hasp & Staple allows free egress from the internal panic escape hardware, even when the padlock is fitted. This ensures perimeter security can be fully maintained whilst still providing a safe and effective means of escape for staff in an emergency evacuation event. Manufactured in Grade 316 stainless steel as standard makes the MICO Hasp & Staple Range ideally suited to external and hostile environments.
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