OEM SOLUTIONS PROVIDERS - Tindall Engineering -
Tindall Engineering collaborate very closely with many of the UK’s leading door, cabinet and gate manufacturers who integrate MICO High Security Locking Solutions within their products. Long term and trusted partnerships within the industry have resulted in the development of an extensive range of tested and certified locking solutions for security, safety, blast, ballistic and fire rated applications.  

Personal service and experienced technical support, coupled with innovative in house design engineering using the latest 3D CAD software allow us to provide bespoke product solutions rapidly to our OEM customers.

We now have more locking products approved and listed in the Loss Prevention Certification Board Red Book and with more door manufacturers than any other high security lock manufacturer! Our MICO single and multipoint lock products have achieved Security Ratings SR2 to SR6 in accordance with Standard LPS1175 on our partner’s single and double doorsets, making them the highest performing locking devices in the UK!

The vast majority of our products are used on a daily basis within the public arena and as such are prone to misuse and abuse. The robustness and reliability of MICO High Security Locking Solutions are key to minimising the cost of ownership and disruption to the normal operations of end users.

Of course, customer care does not stop at point of sale and we pride ourselves on our level of after sales support. Our team of fully trained site engineers enable us to offer a professional after sales service including ongoing maintenance and repair for full product line peace of mind.

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