The transport sector provides a critical service to the UK economy and must provide a disruption free and safe environment to both passengers and employees. People and transport infrastructure must be carefully protected allowing transport systems to operate efficiently and effectively.

Transport networks such as road, rail, air and sea may be particularly vulnerable to vandalism, theft or terrorism with doors to infrastructure buildings, cabinets and enclosures requiring robust, durable and corrosion resistant locking solutions.

Tindall Engineering understand these needs and have developed a comprehensive range of high and medium security locking systems ideally suited to the transport environment.

MICO Range locking products are available for both public and remote network locations, fully tested and approved to LPCB Physical Attack Standard LPS1175 and HM Government standards. They provide effective resistance to forced entry and burglary whilst offering a safe means of escape for employees and the general public where found necessary.

The MICO Abryll lock is ‘Authorised for Use’ by Transport for London and formally listed on their Approved Products Register (APR) permitting the lock to be specified on above and beneath ground premises located within the London Underground network. The intent of the APR is to provide a readily accessible single source of information in NBS (National Building Specification) format allowing architects and specifiers to select products which have been verified and accepted as suitable for purpose by Transport for London.

The MICO Abryll High Security Lock is the UK’s highest performing single point lock in terms of physical attack and forced entry resistance and has been tested and approved up to Security Rating SR6 on compatible single and double doorsets in accordance with LPS1175. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel materials and available in panic escape, emergency escape and access control versions, the lock is ideally suited to conditions within the London Underground and other transport network locations.

MICO locking systems can also be supplied with our unique LPS1175 SR2 and SR3 rated external hasp and staple devices. Manufactured entirely from Grade 316 corrosion resistant stainless steel these devices permit panic escape at all times from inside a room or building whilst remaining padlocked and secure on the outside.

Transport Security
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