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Entry to data centre buildings, floors and individual areas must be carefully managed to ensure authorised staff are only permitted access to high value asset information and equipment, whenever required, day or night. Access must be strictly controlled with entry to facilities effectively surveillance monitored.

Physical security of such sites is a vital consideration and fit for purpose products which have undertaken rigorous third party performance testing and accreditation must only be specified for these applications.

Data CentreThe MICO Electro-Mechanical High Security Locking Range is ideally suited for these locations and can be used with all leading access control systems to provide securely controlled and monitored operation. Tested in accordance with Loss Prevention Certification Board Physical Security Product Standard LPS 1175 on compatible approved doorsets, the MICO Range is available up to Security Rating SR6 in both single and multipoint versions.   

Various electro-mechanical locking functions may be specified including swipe in/swipe out versions which provide a full audit trail of entry/exit operations combined with single action mechanical means of escape in the event of power failure. These locking systems can also incorporate electrical monitoring to confirm the bolts are fully thrown within the keeps and deadlocking is properly engaged.

MICO locks can also be configured in conjunction with the access control system to enable two separate doorsets to be electrically interlocked in such a way that both doors cannot be opened simultaneously providing airlock control for managed entry of personnel to secure areas.

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