MICO Hasp & Staple SR3 Padlockable external device
Hasp & Staple SR3


High security surface fixed external pad-lockable device is compatible with all variants of the MICO Single and Multipoint panic escape hardware. The unique design offers panic escape at all times while secured from the external side with a pad-lock. Manufactured in full 316 stainless steel as standard. Tested and approved to LPS 1175 SR3 on selected door-sets.

The MICO Panic Hasp and Staple range is compatible with a wide range of padlocks from leading manufacturers such as Abloy, Kaba and Squire.


ENTRY: Removal of the padlock allows users to gain entry by lifting up the hasp and turning it clockwise or anti-clockwise to retract the internal shoot bolt of the MICO Panic escape system.

EXIT: Even when the MICO Hasp and Staple is pad locked, the MICO internal hardware still allows for Panic Escape at all times.


Suitable for areas where rapid escape in event of an emergency is required. These include Utilities such as water, power, gas, telecommunications, data centres, banks, hospitals and high value retail outlets. 


Compatible with a wide range of padlocks from Abloy, Kaba and Squire.

Hasp & Staple

LPS 1175 SR3 Bsen 179 bsen 1125
Ratings gained on selected doorsets
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