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ELK Lite

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ELK Lite - Side

High quality external locking furniture is essential on perimeter doors to protect people, premises and assets from forced entry, arson and burglary.

That’s why Tindall Engineering have introduced the new MICO ELK Lite range of high quality stainless steel key driven lockable handle sets, designed to withstand opportunist or professional door entry attacks. Rigorously tested and approved in accordance with LPCB Standard LPS 1175 security ratings SR2 and SR3 on compatible doorsets, this product is an excellent choice to resist impact attacks or forced rotation, removal or drilling of the key cylinder.

The MICO ELK Lite lockable handle system has been specifically designed to work with our MICO INT and EVO Multipoint ranges together with Panic Escape (PE) variants of MICO Elite and MICO Abryll single point locks, offering enhanced security protection for Scandinavian Oval Rim cylinders. The modular design will also operate other locking products that accept an 8mm square handle spindle with the correct operational rotation. Please contact our sales team for suitability.

Incorporating the MICO HDL heavy duty lever handle as standard, the MICO ELK Lite has been fully tested and certified in conjunction with our single and multipoint high security locking systems to emergency and panic escape standards BS EN 179 and BS EN 1125 together with operational testing to over 1 million cycles.


Entry Method: Via key cylinder and operation of lever handle. Supplied with Scandinavian Oval Rim cylinder as standard.

Key retention facility fitted as standard ensuring the system will automatically re-deadlock once the key is removed.


Products certified to LPS 1175 SR2 and SR3 have demonstrated resistance to a series of professional attacks lasting up to 15 and 20 minutes duration respectively and are suitable for medium risk commercial applications. A variety of tools are used during these tests including battery operated drills and hand tools including hammers, crowbars, chisels and hacksaws.
Grade 316 stainless steel corrosion resistant external housing and lever handles make this product suitable for coastal regions and aggressive environments. 

Elk Lite Dimensions


ELK Lite SR2 or ELK Lite SR3 to meet LPS 1175 security ratings on compatible doorsets.

Key removal facility – Allows the external device to be unlocked to allow access during a specified period. Key must then be used to relock the ELK Lite when security is required. (Manual Locking).

Micro switching of Deadlock Status (DSM) – Electrically monitors the position of the deadlock to indicate whether the lock mechanism is deadlocked or unlocked.

CHDL - Ergonomically designed cranked heavy duty lever handle option to provide a more user friendly operation.

Product is handed. Please refer to diagram in the PDF catalogue.

LPS 1175 SR1 LPS 1175 SR2 LPS 1175 SR3 1 million cycles stamp bsen 179 bsen 1125
Ratings gained on selected doorsets
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