MICO USCH 2, 3, 4 - Cylinder Guard by Tindall


HD Handle

HD Handle

The MICO external locking attachment (USCH) has been specifically designed to house and protect the cylinder from a sustained attack. A Cylinder Tail connects the Key Cylinder to the MICO unit. Tested and approved on selected doorsets to LPS 1175 SR 2, 3 and 4. The MICO USCH is supplied with an external Heavy Duty Lever Handle.


Entry via Key Cylinder and lever handle.

The MICO external cylinder guards offer protection for Scandinavian Oval Rim, Euro profile or Round Rim cylinders from physical attack. The MICO cylinder guard and Anti-Drill discs are manufactured from bespoke hi-tech materials to resist a sustained drilling attack. Compatible with all MICO Multipoint and Single point deadlocking system.


Suitable for use in areas where security is of importance and where an attack may come from a more determined opportunist criminal by bodily physical force. These include banks, high value retail outlets, commercial properties, schools, data centres and hospitals.


MICO USCH 2 - Complete with heavy duty Stainless steel external lever handle.
MICO USCH 3 - Complete with heavy duty Stainless Steel external lever handle.
MICO USCH 4 – Complete with heavy duty Stainless Steel external lever handle.
For use with Scandinavian Oval Rim as standard, Euro Profile and Round Rim cylinders.
CHDL = Ergonomically designed Cranked Handle for lighter more user friendly operation.

LPS 175 SR2 Stamp LPS 175 SR3 Stamp LPS 175 SR4 Stamp Ballistic Stamp BSEN 179 BSEN 1125
Ratings gained on selected doorsets
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