ABRYLL EM - Single Point Electro Mechanical Locking Range

Abryll EM 3

Abryll EM 1 SATE

Abryll EM 3 SATE

The MICO Abryll Single Point Electro-Mechanical Range to be used with any 12v Access Control System. It can be configured to offer full entry in and out, or entry in with Emergency Escape out when fitted with our SATE option. Supplied as standard operation of Access Control in and out for full audit trail. The internal Breakdome or external Key Cylinder can override the system in the event of Access Control failure. The SATE option can be fitted to allow Access Control entry with mechanical Single Action Escape at all times from the internal side.


Access Control in and out with the ability to mechanically override from either side. Auto bolting and deadlocking upon door closure.

Entry: Swipe / Access Control and Lever Handle. With mechanical key override function
fitted as standard.
Exit: Swipe / Access Control and Lever Handle. Mechanical override via Thumbturn shrouded in a Breakdome. Single Action Escape via Handle, Push Pad or Full Width Push Plate if fitted with SATE function.


Suitable for use in areas where high security with controlled monitored operation is required. The MICO Single Point Electro-Mechanical System is suitable for use in areas where high security with controlled full audit trail are required.


SATE = Adding SATE function to any EM System will offer a permanent mechanical Single
Action Escape function which complies to either BSEN 179 or 1125 for Emergency or Panic Escape.
Abryll EM 1 SATE = Push Pad with lettering PUSH on the point of use.
Abryll EM 2 SATE = Full Width Push Plate with lettering PUSH TO OPEN on the point of use.
Abryll EM 3 SATE = Internal Lever Handle.
Micro switching of bolt (BSM) or Deadlock Status (DSM) or Both.
External Access via a wide range of Key Cylinder profiles and manufacturers. Supplied to suit
Scandinavian Oval Rim Cylinders as standard.
External cylinder protection options to meet LPCB SR 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 on selected doorsets.
See External Devices.
CHDL = Ergonomically designed Cranked Handle for lighter more user friendly operation.

Ratings gained on selected doorsets
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