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MICO Door Stay

The MICO surface mounted stainless steel door stay range has been designed to control the degree of opening with an inbuilt springing system to absorb shocks when the door is forcibly opened. The stays are recommended on doors which are subject to high usage or where external doors open out to hostile weather conditions such as strong winds. With brackets and arms manufactured entirely from Grade 316 stainless steel the range is ideally suited for coastal regions and aggressive environments.

Each stay can be fastened in position to suit degrees of opening ranging from 90° - 110° and the hold open tension can be easily adjusted on site.

The stainless steel door stay range comes in different arm lengths to suit varying door leaf widths. The diameter of the arm for the Medium Duty 100 Series is 12mm and the Heavy Duty 200 Series is 16mm. Whilst both models are designed for demanding applications, the Heavy Duty 200 Series is recommended for heavy or wide doors subject to harsher conditions.

M140 400mm To suit door widths 550mm - 700mm
M150 500mm To suit door widths 701mm - 900mm
M160 600mm To suit door widths 901mm - 1050mm
M170 700mm To suit door widths 1051mm - 1200mm
Medium Duty 100 Series

H240 400mm To suit door widths 550mm - 700mm
H250 500mm To suit door widths 701mm - 900mm
H260 600mm To suit door widths 901mm - 1050mm
H270 700mm To suit door widths 1051mm - 1200mm
Heavy Duty 200 Series

Mico Door Stay Drawing

Stainless steel machine screws for steel doorset applications or woodscrew fixings for timber doorsets available on request.

Please note these door stays are not recommended on fire rated doors.


The MICO Medium Duty 100 Series and Heavy Duty 200 Series Door Stays both possess similar characteristics and are designed for tough and exacting applications. Specification of the Heavy Duty 200 Series is recommended if the requirement is for extremely heavy or wide doors which may be subjected to strong or gale force winds, violent opening or abusive conditions. i.e. Coastal regions, oversized plant entry doors, cell doors, large external opening security doors, etc… Complimentary floor mounted door stops (by others) should also be considered in these situations to protect the lower section of the door leaf from deformation.

Longer arm lengths are available to special order if required.


MICO Door Stays are fabricated from top quality Grade 316 stainless steel material, and are designed to provide heavy duty door protection and function under the most arduous of conditions. However, it is essential that door leaves and frame sections be adequately reinforced to provide a secure anchorage for the MICO Door Stay and to suit the application required.

For steel doors and frames, we recommend steel reinforcement plates which should be a minimum of 6mm thick x 40mm x 300mm long to effectively distribute the load and provide sufficient thread depth for the machine screw fixings. Timber doors and frames must also be adequately reinforced at the bracket attachment points to provide a secure and sufficient anchorage for the stresses which will be exerted at these locations.

Please refer to the individual fixing instructions available for each series of MICO Door Stay for additional guidance on door and frame preparation.


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