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The prime purpose of a fire door is to protect lives and offer compartmented protection to the remainder of a building and to other buildings. A high quality locking system is a vital component within a fire doorset assembly ensuring the door leaf is properly restrained within the frame for the maximum time possible in order to resist the passage of flame and fire spread.

MICO High Security Locking Systems are eminently suitable for this application and have proven capability to perform in the event of a fire. A number of MICO single and multipoint locking devices have successfully attained the maximum 4 hour fire integrity duration in accordance with the latest British and European Standard BS EN 1634-1, when tested with our OEM partner’s doorset products.

Our fire tested locking systems may also be specified on fire escape doors to ensure a swift single handed means of exit when an alarm is raised. These locks can be fitted with either an escape lever handle, push pad or panic bar device and are fully compliant with all current safety standards and regulations. (Specify SATE = Single Action To Escape function).

MICO access controlled locks can be specified with fail safe or fail secure functionality. Fail safe locks require power to lock. When power is interrupted by an access control system alarm or power outage the door will unlock. Fail safe locks are often used for life safety applications such as the access control of perimeter fire rated exit doors and high rise building stairwell doors where the locks are automatically released by a signal from the building fire life safety command centre during an emergency or building power outage.

Whereas, fail secure locks require power to unlock. When energised by use of an access control system the door unlocks and will stay in the locked condition should an alarm be sounded or during a building power outage. Fail secure versions are typically used for high security applications and are not suitable for fire rated doors because they do not unlock during an emergency or power loss.

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Fire Protection
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