With the increased threat of gun crime and terrorism, ballistic protection within buildings has become an essential consideration to protect, life, property and infrastructure against the potential of armed attack.

Tindall Engineering recognise these concerns and continue to develop products capable of withstanding the perils which are becoming increasingly common in our everyday lives.  

MICO High Security Locking products have been independently tested and certified by Wiltshire Ballistic Services in accordance with the latest European Standard BS EN 1522: 1999. A series of successful tests were conducted with various calibre projectiles ranging from FB2 Handgun to FB7 Rifle classes. None of the bullet categories tested on the firing range were able to penetrate through our reinforced external hardware from the outside face.

In conjunction with physical attack and blast resistance performance our high security locking products offer the capability of true multi-discipline attack protection when fitted to suitably constructed doorsets.

To request technical support with ballistic performance product specification, please contact our Sales Office on 0161 620 0666 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ballistic Protection
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