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The MICO High Security Locking Range must also conform to the latest legislation and regulations pertaining to emergency and panic escape hardware.

Panic and emergency exit devices intended for use on escape route doors are covered by a Construction Products Directive mandate issued by the European Commission and must be type tested and CE Marked to demonstrate compliance.

These devices have a critical life safety function and must be independently tested by a notified certification body to BS EN 179: 2008 and BS EN 1125: 2008 and be factory production controlled before the manufacturer can attain a EC Certificate of Conformity, declare compliance and affix the CE mark to their product.

The main purpose of the performance requirements of standard BS EN 179 is to give safe and effective escape through a doorway with one single operation to release the device. However, escape can require prior knowledge of the operation of the device which is consequently considered suitable for locked doors on escape routes only where panic situations are not foreseen. Whereas, the main purpose of BS EN 1125 is to give safe and effective escape through a doorway with minimum effort and without prior knowledge of the device, i.e. for locked doors on escape routes where panic situations can be foreseen.

Tindall Engineering can offer fully certified solutions for each of these applications in both MICO single and multipoint locking versions without detracting from the security resistance characteristics of each product. These locks can be fitted with either an escape lever handle, push pad or panic bar device and are fully compliant with all current safety standards and regulations. (Specify SATE = Single Action To Escape function).

To request technical support with safety performance product specification, please contact our Sales Office on 0161 620 0666 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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