MICO Product Specification’s - High Security Locking Solutions

MICO High Security Locking Systems are specified on a wide range of applications from schools using panic hardware through to high security national infrastructure facilities requiring LPS 1175 grade 6 or above. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice or information on any MICO products.

Aesthetics are extremely important when specifying locking systems; it's all too easy to meet the security requirements by using unsightly,  rudimentary bar type bolting systems. This can effect staff morale, become intrusive for customers and is not in keeping with more modern designs.  At MICO we have addressed the need to have an emergency exit device that is not only safe and secure but is aesthetically pleasing.

Our multi-point systems are housed in a very attractive and modern satin anodised aluminium box section which can be colour coated to any RAL number, not only is this completely rust proof it also prevents tampering with the locking mechanism. Inside the protective box section is an all steel construction mechanism that is bolted directly to the door. Our single point systems are housed in a full stainless steel construction and just like our Multi-Point systems, are bolted directly to the door. We can also offer up to a 10 year guarantee with our locking systems*

Emergency exits are traditionally vulnerable to physical attack by criminals; often they are located in secluded areas allowing criminals to work undisturbed. By specifying MICO high security locking solutions you are ensuring that the security level and safety requirements of the building are not compromised by the use of a fire exit door. Our systems are independently tested on selected door sets  to LPS 1175 SR1, SR2,  SR3, SR4, SR5 and SR6.  In addition to this we offer systems such as solenoid operated for access control, deadlocking, visual indicators and external devices also independently tested for security.

Tested and Approved. Our locking systems are approved to the highest levels for security whilst maintaining the relevant safety standards. Our patented design and modular mechanisms mean that our systems are extremely cost effective. We are proud to manufacture our locking systems in the UK.


Features & Benefits

Automatic bolting when the door is closed.

Available with high security dowel fixings, enhances security on timber doors.

Supplied with mortice bolt receivers for additional strength and resistance to attack.

Fully concealed steel mechanism in a housing that greatly reduces the risk of vandalism, strengthens the door and enhances the products aesthetic appeal.

Accredited to LPS 1175 SR1, SR2, SR3, SR4, SR5 and SR6 on selected doorsets

Key locking MICO products can be supplied to suit all cylinders. They may be incorporated in all new or existing master keyed systems

Key dogging function available giving lock-back up facility for times when the door should remain unlocked.

Bolt status and Deadlock status Micro Switches available and are linkable to an alarm, an access control system, CCTV or any other equipment.


Design Requirements

  • Shoot bolts to have 25mm throw, 16mm diameter.
  • Shoot bolts to have 30mm throw, 19mm diameter.
  • Bolts must not be tapered.
  • Panic latches to have a minimum of 14mm throw.
  • All arises and exposed corners to have rounded corners.
  • Suitable for doors up to 200kg.
  • Standard kit height 2,150mm - cut to height on site.
  • Push Plate (800mm) suits 925mm - 1,300 mm width door.
  • Panic latches to be compatible with Heavy Sprung Nightlatch with 70mm backset.
  • Bolt/latch mechanism can be incorporated into a master key system.
  • Modular design to allow for interchangeable units.
  • Vertical bolts to deadlock automatically when door closes - when door opens, the bolts are to be retained within the housing preventing dragging and damage to the frame.
  • Height of operating face of push plate 127mm.
  • Panic latch/push pad projection no more than 85mm.
  • Panic bolt double door kit projections no more than 120mm.
  • Bolt/latches to have micro-switching facility - key override available.
  • Key dogging facility.
  • External key overrides for panic bolts/panic latches.
  • Hardware to be suitable for use on timber, steel and aluminium doors.
  • Hardware configurations suitable for double plain meeting stiles, double rebated and single doors.


  • Clearly marked with "PUSH TO OPEN" on push bar - green writing on satin aluminium finish.
  • A range of finishes are available on our Multipoint systems.



  • Bolts to be stainless steel and non tapered.
  • Vertical mechanism protected from attack in aluminium housing.
  • Mechanism to be stainless steel construction.
  • Vertical housing and push bar to be aluminium anodic coated to BS 1615.


  • Panic Bolt and Panic Latch to be tested to in excess of 1,000,000 operations.
  • Push plates to withstand multi-directional push/pull forces of 1,000N.
  • Vertical rod/section to withstand pulling force of 500N.



  • Eligible for inclusion in manufacturer's 10 year guarantee.
  • Eligible for inclusion in manufacturer's package/PFI extended guarantee.



  • Bolt through fixings for panic latch mechanisms.
  • Higher security dowel fixing for panic bolt. Where possible, bars should be flush with face of door to prevent chaining.
  • Door to withstand minimum of 1,000N force external.
  • Shoot bolts to have 25mm throw, 16mm diameter and must not be tapered.
  • Shoot bolts to have 30mm throw, 19mm diameter and must not be tapered.
  • Panic latch to have minimum 14mm throw, steel, auto-deadlocking.
  • Suitable anti-drill/anti-pick cylinder to be used.
  • Reference to third party testing for enhanced security applications.
  • Bottom bolt independent operation of BSEN179 and BSEN 1125 products.


Release Forces

  • Door not under pressure to open within 80N force at any point on bar.
  • Door under 1,000N static load to open within 200N force at any point. Applies to both bolts and latches.


Re-Engagement Force

  • Force required to lock door should be less than 60N.


MICO multi-point locking systems are installed on doors supplied to:


  • Utility Sites
  • Clearing banks and cash handling facilities Museums Military establishments Government buildings Telecommunications buildings Universities and research establishments Transport authorities Hospitals Retail premises European and Far Eastern rapid transit rail systems


Usage & Handing

MICO multi-point locks may be used on single or double doors up to 200kg in weight, 2150mm height, and 1300mm width (when using the 800mm wide push plate) as standard. Products for wider and higher doors are also available - please ask for details.

Please note that if the MICO products are used on an escape route, the width of the push plate fitted should not be less than 60% of the door width. Non-standard push plates and heights are available to order.

 Always consult your Fire Officer before selecting suitable hardware for emergency exits


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