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Padlockable Cylinder Cover

Tindall Engineering Ltd are the designers and manufacturers of the MICO range of high security locking solutions. We pride ourselves on the continuous development of bespoke locking solutions to satisfy the ever-increasing demands for security, blast, ballistic and fire resistance requirements enabling our products to lock and secure a vast array of vulnerable market sector applications.

One of our most recent projects has been the development of the new MICO Padlockable Cylinder Cover.

This unique, lockable cover has been designed to provide supplementary security protection to locking devices which feature round rim cylinders such as our new MICO Rimlock range. The device incorporates a hasp cover, which is secured by a padlock, to form a protective shield preventing ready access and attack on the exposed key cylinder. This feature increases the level of security and makes the MICO Padlockable Cylinder Cover ideally suited to doors located within remote external environments.

Whilst this product has been primarily designed to operate in conjunction with the MICO Rimlock range it may also be compatible with other manufacturers locking products which feature round rim cylinders.


ENTRY: Removal of the padlock and lifting if the hasp permits access to the round rim cylinder and key operation of the MICO Rimlock device.

EXIT: Operation of the internal thumbturn on the MICO Rimlock retracts the latch/deadbolt at all times, even when the device is padlocked.


Suitable for medium risk exposed security door locations where enhanced external protection is required to the key cylinder including gate houses, kiosks, road side cabinets, plant rooms, portable buildings, enclosures and secured compounds. 


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